BLACKPINK's Jennie & EXO's Kai Split After Weeks of Dating

Jennie and kai hints We recap the top headlines that had the world talking in the past months — no tea, no shade, just facts! Despite of all these, we still want more of RiRi. In the year of 2018 alone, three of the sisters gave birth to adorable babies. Who knew that people knew so little of our homeland? This year also saw the legendary poll created by Twitter user CloeCouture cause rifts between friends, family and everyone on the Internet.


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Fans everywhere were surprised by the sudden revelation. I am a big fan of both Jennie and Kai and do not wish to disrespect them in any way. Starting with the biggest theory revolving Jenkai, it would be that this was all just media play. This is a big possibility as it has happened before numerous times in the media industry. Some people might think that Jenkai is just for publicity since it makes sense for two popular members of two famous groups to be dating one another to gain attention.

Here's The Reasons Why Jennie and Kai Breakup According To Netizens

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Поглядите, как мы используем местоимения "мы", "вы" и "они". У них же понятия всегда обозначены численными идентификаторами, включая и диапазоны, в которых они теряют смысл.

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Арчи утверждает, что ему очень приятно познакомиться с вами, в особенности после всего, что слышал о вас, - проговорила Элли. - Так ты можешь читать их цветовую речь.