The Five Best Jennifer Aniston Movies of Her Career

Jennifer aniston movies But among the laboured romantic 'comedies' and dramas rank with the stench of pathos, Aniston has actually appeared in a few cinematic gems. We've searched out these tranquil islands in the sea of Metacritic reds and yellows. 1. Peter, Samir and Michael are three programmers stuck in an office job from hell, which only gets more hellish with the arrival of a pair of consultants looking to "downsize". A mishap at a hypnotist results in Peter taking a new angle on life, making drastic work decisions, splitting from his girlfriend Anne and asking out waitress Joanna Aniston. Jen could sleepwalk the cool, undervalued, sexy waitress as the most tacky Mary Sue, but Judge absolutely avoids that pitfall. Joanna is a rounded, real character whose wants, hopes, dreams and desires are just as important as those of her male counterparts.


This is in spite of the fact that she's starred in some huge hits Bruce Almighty , and been willing to take chances on riskier projects most recently, Cake. I don't want to name names, but I came across an article last year whose headline was something along the lines of 'Jennifer Aniston films that actually don't suck', and was taken aback. Had I missed something? Did a memo go around saying we had to not like Jennifer Aniston movies, or just be pissy towards her?

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Mother's Day (2016) Movie - Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts