Love Island’s Ellie Brown Confirms New Romance With Joey Essex

Joey essex 2019 calendar Here come the girls! This is rather excellent news because celebrities typically have a lot to give when it comes to their calendars in the form of a little bit of nakedness. Of course, this is very considerate of said stars because it helps us keep track of our appointments, dates because we have people queuing up to take us out , and the various other activities which are due to take place in the new year. So, if you're a particularly organised person and are a massive fan of reality show The Only Way Is Essex prepare to get excited because we can officially bring you a sneak at the 2014 TOWIE calendars. And, yes, that's right, you did read that correctly, there are two calendars - one for the girls and one for the boys. Fancy feasting your eyes on Joey Essex and his fake tanned torso?


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Angela Watson interviews Joey Essex about girlfriends and dating

joey essex meet and greet 2019

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joey essex meet and greet 2019

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