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John eldredge books wild at heart After all, I had read with great delight and profit the book he co-authored with the late Brent Curtis, The Sacred Romance. One simply cannot deny that reading this sort of writing is fun! Eldredge has a way with words and illustrations and images that make it understandable why his works are so massively popular. Would that all Christian authors could communicate as effectively as he. But my response must not stop with issues of style. We have to move on to substance. As I said, there is much in this book to like.


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A third of the way through the interesting little postmodern film, Run Lola Run, the filmmaker starts over, showing the same plot—same scenes, same shots—with only one small change. The small difference sets the story on a trajectory towards you guessed it an entirely different ending. To make the point more clearly, it happens a third time; Lola starts her adventure with another small change in timing which sets in place just a touch of difference which, yep, allows the plot to end dramatically altered once again. Of course this sets Lola back a few steps, changing everything else. The changes needed in Wild at Heart, though, are not minor; for it to be an altogether reliable book for serious Christians, it would need major and serious reworking.

WILD AT HEART. Interview w/ Best-selling author John Eldredge

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