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Jose saramago books When he was two years old, the family moved to Lisbon, where his father worked as a policeman. In his teenage years, economic hardships made it necessary for Saramago to transfer from a regular high school to a vocational school—he would later work at a variety of jobs, including as a mechanic, before turning to writing full time. Saramago later commented that at that age he knew nothing of widows or sin. He did not publish again for nineteen years. In 1969 he joined the Portuguese Communist Party, of which he has remained a committed member—his writing is linked intricately to social commentary and politics.


Being given the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998, he was a gifted and versatile author who was respected by both his peers and his contemporaries alike, having mastered the form of his craft to the utmost degree during his lifetime. Following his death in 2010 he was so highly regarded that Portugal declared two days of mourning to be set aside for his passing, as he left behind a legacy that is near impossible to replicate. Early and Personal Life Born on the 16th of November in 1922, Jose Saramago was born and raised in Azinhaga in Portugal to a family of landless peasants. Growing up in the small village, situated in the Ribatejo Province, he would take in his experiences here which would shape his later writings.

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