Alleged serial killer Kelly Cochran was 'like the devil' in court, new documentary claims

Kelly m cochran wikipedia Her fifth husband, Samuel Doss, was described as a man who loved the church and hated that his wife was obsessed with romance novels. He fell ill and was admitted to the hospital and doctors told him he had an infection, but sent him home. She wanted to collect on two life insurance policies she'd taken out on her husband. So she killed him the same day he was released from the hospital. The death made doctors suspicious and an autopsy revealed he had high levels of arsenic in his system.


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Cochran teared up as she entered her plea. The deal recommends that Cochran be sentenced to 65 years in prison, to be served consecutively to her Michigan conviction. She is scheduled to be sentenced May 16. Vasquez asked Cochran whether she had enough time to think about her options after being held in jail for only two months. A July 9 trial date was set by the judge, and Cochran was ordered to attend a hearing scheduled for April 11.

Convicted murderer Kelly Cochran sentenced

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Hobart woman may be serial killer, documentary says

The Story Of Kelly Cochran. Marriage, Affairs, and Canibalism.

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