La-Mulana 2 is coming to PC next year

La mulana playable characters Speaking with IndieGames. Players have trouble figuring out where to go or what to do," noted IndieGames in its report. In the former game, players would have to explore the world to try to figure out what they just changed, but in the sequel, the camera will pan over to the change. I can foresee the hate mail piling up right now. It's not all going to be spelled out for you the way that say, Okami, was my one gripe in an otherwise outstanding game. Naramura noted that he doesn't want to burden the player with walls of text or a companion character stopping the action to give hints.


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Designer Takumi Naramura talks about Kickstarter, international appeal, and the science of evolving retro-style action games. Fans of the original may now look forward to being humbled and confused anew with a game whose main marketing tagline appears to be "We will destroy your happiness. La-Mulana lead designer Takumi Naramura once explained that his team likes to imagine an alternate reality where the MSX home computer didn't fade away in the early '90s but instead continued to advance, and indeed La-Mulana originally looked and definitely played very much like an MSX adventure that time forgot. The original game won over a small, dedicated fan base, but the success of the sequel's Kickstarter campaign promises to expose it to a much larger audience. USGamer. Crowdfunding is something that many Japanese gamers have only recently gained awareness of.

La Mulana 2 100% Speedrun - 4:37:59 RTA

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La-Mulana Blind Playthrough - Part 9

La-Mulana 2 OST - In Yggdrasil (Roots of Yggdrasil theme)

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