Glee Star Lea Michele’s Nine Tattoos Revealed!

Lea michele tattoos wrist One way to ensure that a piece of their heart will always live on together with yours is to literally and permanently solidify your connection. getting body art to commemorate your time together. At least I'm assuming that's what these celebrities with tattoos for their significant others were thinking, right before taking a seat in the parlor chair and getting inked for life. Tattoos have always been a somewhat polarizing topic of conversation. Some see the body as a canvas, and tattoos as a deeply personal , artistic expression. Others dislike the idea of making an altercation to your body that can be quite difficult and expensive to take back.


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Yes, the number is higher than a dozen. Lea says she has 14 tattoos in different parts of her body to celebrate all the values and memories that are important to her. The most distinctive part about a Lea Michele Tattoo design is that it is teeny and you barely get to see the details from a distance.

How Lea Michele Found Out About Corey Monteith's Death

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Behind-the-Scenes of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

Celebrity Tattoos: Have you realize the numbers of Lea Michele Tattoos?

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