Lucy Rose announces new album ‘No Words Left’ and announces UK tour

Lucy rose conversation review Lucy Rose's "Conversation" is a delicate gem. S, and Lucy Rose, is sure to be among its first breakout stars Vogue. A mixture of true grit, sheer dedication and an unshakeable sense of self has all led Lucy to the kind of status that most new artists dream of but can only achieve through record company support. Until her recent signing to Columbia Records, Lucy Rose had none of this, but her heart-stoppingly poignant songs and cracked porcelain voice saw her enter 2012 with YouTube hits, radio plays and crowds like nobody else out there. Such is her fan-base, she now sells out 500-capacity venues with ease.


I just find it really difficult. It later transpires that a recent run of press for her fourth album No Words Left has seen journalists ask Rose uncomfortable lines of questioning based on misinformed assumptions about her personal life after a tough, yet ultimately liberating year. Over the course of an hour she opens up, landing on the topics at her own pace, and on her terms. Initially, Rose is incredibly cautious. Instead, Rose prefers to let the music do the talking.

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