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Male grooming routine reddit First of all, you could turn to us for help, we're your friends. We'll show you how to sort out your hair and skin care regime ; how to lose that last bit of belly and become more handsome in as little as a week... But if you're looking for even more assistance it's ok, we're not crying, it's just windy outside today , then you could always turn to Reddit, where a thread titled How To Be An Attractive Man is gaining some hefty traction amongst men looking for The Answer. Rather than force you to trawl through the swamp of it all, we've gathered the 10 most salient and beneficial points. Now go and be handsome.


Clean your belly button. You do need to dig in there and clean it properly. It's your job to keep it fresh.

TOP 5 GROOMING TIPS FOR MEN - Advice From A Male Model

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7 Grooming Hacks Every Guy Should Know - Men's Grooming Routine - ALEX COSTA

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