Maplestory 2 Wizard Build Guide

Maplestory 2 classes pros and cons I tried many different builds to see how good Ice Spear could be, and the only time it seemed to be effective when trying to kite. If you can learn to jump strafe attack consistently then putting points into Ice Spear can potentially turn you into a godly PvP player. I found, however, that it lacked damage output against better geared enemies, and that straight damage was often much better than CC. Flame Tornado is more used as an area denial skill given how hard it is to hit. I elected to put points into Flame Tornado here instead of more into Phantom Claw because it was often more useful to stop your enemies coming at you with a giant wall of fire, than getting free damage on them at range. Also note, Phantom Claw is an extremely useful skill for de-cloaking Assassins who are stealthed if you spam in the vague direction you think they are. This is the easiest way to tilt assassins in PvP!


Has ability to infuse blades with various elements to perform various attacks. One of the top 5 jobs that can move very quickly. Has both close and far combat attacking range for easy training and bossing.

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