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Micromax most costly phone While the dispute is now being sorted out in a court, it brought to light something that has been a talking point, of late, globally. The issue of intellectual property rights IPR and the role of Indian vendors in investing in technology. Fiercely Protective Tech majors such as Ericsson are fiercely protective of their patents. Global players such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia have consistently fought patent infringements in various parts of the world, sometimes even amongst each other. According to Gupta technology or equipment majors despite being protective of their IPRs have been otherwise ignoring patent infringements here.


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July saw 42 different smartphone models launched in the nation, up from 25 models during the same period last year, research firm Counterpoint told VentureBeat. Most of the new handsets are from Chinese smartphone makers, many of whom see India as their most important market. The period between April and June of this year was the fourth consecutive quarter for Xiaomi as the top vendor in India, according to IDC. Xiaomi 29. A spokesperson for the company said that India is currently its most important market.

Micromax Infinity N12 Unboxing, Camera, Features, First look Review - Hindi

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micromax mobile

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