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Midwife led unit shrewsbury Now they will remain closed until the conclusion of consultations about their future, possibly indefinitely. Residents, parents and politicians of all colours continue to express outrage at the ongoing Maternity Unit saga. After prolonged closures due to staff shortages at Telford — where expectant and recovering mothers were expected to use Telford or Wrexham units instead — we are now into a new set of extended closures. Many us have said that these closures are designed to run the service down to the point that they can justify permanent closures. This is a tactic that has been used before with Schools, Police, Fire and Ambulance stations to close facilities by stealth. Neither are temporary closures on an extended basis. It would seem quite obvious that if you put parents off using a service by creating uncertainty, then they will stop using it.


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Email Load more share options Kate Stanton-Davies died just six hours after she was born. On Friday the jury unanimously found that she should have been categorised as high risk and not sent to Ludlow Community Hospital in Shropshire. Asked whether being delivered at Ludlow contributed to her death, the jury said yes. Her parents, Rhiannon Davies and Richard Stanton, of Ludlow, fought for three years and eight months to have the jury inquest.

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