Movie 43: why did so many Hollywood stars sign up for the humiliation?

Movie 43 cast wonder woman Wessler Entertainment. Cast. Adam Cagley J. De Marco, Music — David J. The Catch.- Beth goes on a blind date with the charming and wealthy Davis but feels embarrassed by what look like a pair of testicles protruding from his neck. Homeschooled.- Robert and Samantha are determined to provide an authentic homeschool experience for their son Kevin, including reproducing school bullying and his first romance. The Proposition.- Doug goes to propose to Julie and she admits her fetish — that she wants him to poop on her. Veronica.- Neil is working night shift in the local supermarket when his ex Veronica comes through the checkout.


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By Dustin Rowles Film January 25, 2013 Let me just preface the list of unseeable moments with a few words about Movie 43. It's a very bad movie. In fact, it may very well have been designed to be a bad movie. The conceit is this. Dennis Quaid plays a man who has manipulated himself inside a studio executive's office by sucking off a security guard Will Sasso who didn't want to be sucked off. Inside the executive's office, he delivers several pitches to the executive played by Greg Kinnear.

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