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Msf hang out Frontline Sharing — Borderline. Brutal truth behind the applause The treatment of MDR-TB requires patients to take as many as 20 pills every day with intolerable side effects, including nausea, headache, blindness, deafness and even psychosis, causing many patients to give up treatment. Greetings from Tajikistan. I remember when I was the Director of Fundraising, TB was a topic that I was always shy of talking about to our supporters because many donors thought that treatment of TB is a long process, especially if it is multi-drug resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB , and it is very costly. Donors would prefer to see MSF using their donations in medical actions that produce instant results and with massive impact, like vaccination campaigns. There are a lot of side effects, causing both physical and emotional discomfort, pain, and even suffering. Even adult patients find it difficult to stick to the treatment and many would give up, let alone young patients.


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Well, mostly rest. We make a trip to the nearby market partially to enjoy the bustle and atmosphere, and partially to get supplies for the fast-becoming-tradition brunch that we prepare and eat as a team. Some Sundays in particular are just delicious — I just want to bottle the whole feel of the day and savour it for days and weeks and years to come. I saw some of the stall holders in the market today for the first time since coming back from my holiday and they were just so friendly and pleased and absurdly delighted to see me and equally I them. Olivier and Rob and I split up to wander around, and rejoin to compare purchases — papaya, eggs, plantain, onion, tiny sweet bananas, baby tomatoes, chubby okra, a giant pumpkin.

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Мне мало одних слов, Николь. - Но, Макс, - возразил Ричард, - твой план нелогичен. Подумай об .

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Ты еще не - Пока мы идем, не холодно, - ответила Николь, поправляя рюкзак. Почти через час они увидели в небе огонек, приближавшийся с юга и становившийся все больше и. - Как ты думаешь, что это. - спросила Николь.

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Остальные трое биотов сняли перчатки, обнажив пальцы, заканчивающиеся острыми ножами. Четыре могучих щупальца Арчи стиснули Гарсиа, попытавшуюся задушить Ричарда. Корпус Гарсиа осел, и она рухнула на дно камеры, но другие биоты с яростью набросились на Арчи. Ричард пытался помочь октопауку, но Линкольн, ударив всей ладонью, снес голову Арчи. Ричард закричал, когда его забрызгала жидкость, наполнявшая тело октопаука.