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Nathan fillion wife pics The American actor turned into a Hollywood star having played the roles in the acclaimed projects Slither and Castle. Childhood and youth The actor was born in the spring of 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Nathan Fillion is of Irish and French-Canadian descent. According to the actor, one of his ancestors was the famous Confederate general, Jubal A. Nathan's parents, Cookie and Bob Fillion, were English teachers at school. Actor Nathan Fillion Neither Nathan Fillion nor his elder brother Jeff chose the profession of a teacher or a military career. However, in early youth, the star of the TV series Firefly and Castle thought about teaching.


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He is a classic case of finding your talent and making it pay the bills. The jovial actor, also known as the gentleman of Hollywood, is also known for being really nice to his fans and getting along really well with kids. Keep reading to learn more about him. He grew up in a relatively small family and was the youngest of two children. Nathan is of Irish and French Canadian descent.

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