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Ncis nell jones pregnant 2018 Fans have been worried about Eric Barrett Foa and Nell's Renee Felice Smith futures with the team and on the show for some time now, and the Season 10 finale did nothing to alleviate those concerns. In Episode 19, the couple began seriously considering moving to San Francisco. He received an impressive job offer, and her mother would receive the best treatment for her coronary heart disease there. While the team knows about Nell's mother's health issues, the couple hasn't talked about the potential move with anyone, though Hetty Linda Hunt likely knows, given she's flown up to see Nell's mother, knows about the job offer, and is Hetty. But with the team working high-priority cases, all we've gotten as the season wrapped up were a few conversations and nothing was set in stone regarding where Eric and Nell will be in the future. Nell left in the middle of the case in Episode 23 after her sister called because she found their mother "unresponsive" and there were "complications. The doctors had to intubate her and think there's an infection in the lining of her heart.


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Do you want to know what her age, height, education is? Have you heard that rumours about her pregnancy? Image. instagram. Renee always loved the camera. She was dreaming of becoming a director when she was a child.

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Здравствуйте. я - Стивен Ковальский. - А я - Рене Дюпон, - произнесла женщина, также протягивая руку Николь. Обменявшись несколькими любезностями, мистер Ковальский спросил Макса, что они собираются делать.

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9x21 -- NCIS: Los Angeles --what do you say we go to spain -- Eric & Nell