‘Law & Order: SVU’ Recap 16×12: Amaro Deals with Daddy Dearest

Nick amaro son Carisi asks who? Benson explains she is his Sergeant, and asks who is he. He says she is the Sergeant and he is the father, laughing. Benson laughs and asks him to have a seat and she will let Amaro know that he is here. Nicolas introduces himself to Carisi. Meanwhile, Amaro and Fin are in interrogation with a suspect who says she wanted it, and she was hot. Benson interrupts and asks Amaro if he has a minute so he leaves the interrogation.


does nick amaro come back to svu

Maybe you have a very good reason for not having seen this person in years. Who lets these people in? Maybe there should be someone stopping them in the downstairs area of that precinct. You know, that unseen part serviced by the elevator.

Law & Order: SVU - Rollins' Breaking Point (Episode Highlight)

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Ты уже поела, Никки. - Да, Нонни, - девочка встала из-за стола, и буквально через мгновение к ней присоединились Кеплер и Галилей.

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Вот еще одно слово, которым пользуются, когда не желают подумать. - Макс подошел к цилиндру. - Эта загадочная лестница вполне может опустить нас в ад или же вознести на небеса.

Law & Order: SVU - A Bittersweet Goodbye (Episode Highlight)

what episode do rollins and amaro sleep together

От озера Шекспир до выхода из тоннеля на Центральной равнине за стеной поселения нужно было проплыть больше километра. Николь разыскивала подводный вход на десять минут дольше, чем планировалось, и начинала финальный заплыв уже очень усталой.