Tinder Dating in Amsterdam a SWOT Analysis

Online dating swot analysis As people now live extremely busy lives, online dating websites have become extremely popular. The power of the Internet has allowed people from any area to connect seamlessly with one another for potential romantic relationships. Online dating websites can be extremely lucrative businesses given that most of these companies operate on a subscription-based model. While there are some companies that operate solely through advertising, the most popular and most lucrative online dating websites almost always generate recurring streams of revenue from the monthly charges made to a customers credit card. The highly profitable nature of this industry has driven a number of competitors to provide general and specific online dating services. Given that a significant amount of competition exists, many newer online dating websites will focus on a specific niche or a specific interest that is common among its demographic base. The barriers to entry for a new online dating websites are considered low given that the technology needed to develop these platforms is relatively commonplace.


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Business strategy - SWOT analysis

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