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Orange county california arrest records search Authorities expect to soon have two remaining defendants in custody. As a result of the scheme detailed in the indictment, hundreds of defendants had charges dismissed, had fees reduced, or avoided mandatory jail time in drunk driving cases after paying bribe money to the clerk or middlemen who took bribes on his behalf. The man at the center of the scheme — former clerk Jose Lopez Jr. In some cases, Jose Lopez illegally created records to indicate that a defendant had pleaded guilty to reckless driving and that drunk driving charges had been dismissed — thereby avoiding the consequences of a drunk driving charge. According to the indictment, in other cases, Jose Lopez illegally entered court records that it made it appear second-time DUI offenders had served mandatory jail time, when they had not. This defendant allegedly assumed the roles of judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys to line his pockets in a staggering abuse of his position.


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Orange County sheriff fights back against California sanctuary law

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Dana Point Police Services (Orange County Sheriff) First Amendment

whos in jail orange county

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