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P1 generation definition biology Mendel and Inheritance What is heredity? Heredity is when certain traits are passed from the parents to the children. Traits are characteristics such as eye color, height, and athletic ability. Heredity is passed through genes in the DNA molecule. In biology the study of heredity is called genetics. Gregor Mendel Scientist Gregor Mendel 1822 - 1884 is considered the father of the science of genetics.


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For example, when crossing true-breeding violet-flowered plants with true-breeding white-flowered plants, all of the offspring were violet-flowered, even though they all had one allele for violet and one allele for white. Rather than both alleles contributing to a phenotype, the dominant allele will be expressed exclusively. The recessive allele will remain latent, but will be transmitted to offspring in the same manner as that by which the dominant allele is transmitted. The recessive trait will only be expressed by offspring that have two copies of this allele Figure 8.

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Heterozygous. 9. Trait. Note. We will be doing lots of genetics problems today in groups. You will not need a calculator.

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One more note. A very very helpful thing to memeorize is that the ONLY way for a recessive trait to show up in an organism is if that organism's genotype is homozygous recessive two little letters, like "rr". Here are the basic steps to using a Punnett Square when solving a genetics question. After you get good at this you should never miss a genetic question involving the cross of two organisms.