Movie review: Even with Diane Keaton, 'Poms' still needs a pep rally

Pom poms movie Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin The cast and director of Poms are working towards making audiences question the capability of all individuals. As director Zara Hayes herself said, in an interview during the film's press day, Poms is about making us ask why. Who sets the limits on what women are capable of, or any group perceived as weaker for that matter? Poms itself is about a group of elderly women with a desire to start a cheerleading squad, but upon closer examination it's an incisive look at the societal boundaries that exist, whether you're an older woman or a disabled person. For Hayes, the cheerleader was always a complicated figure. The English-born director considers herself a feminist yet was unable to reconcile with how the cheerleader, as a homegrown sports symbol in America, has been co-opted by men, particularly in the field of pornography.


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It whips the crowd into a controlled fervor, getting people off their feet and cheering with excitement. As a pessimistic New York City transplant, Martha Diane Keaton faces her greatest challenge yet. living in the impossibly peppy retirement community of Sun Springs, Ga. The lavish, well-maintained property fosters cheery dispositions and relaxed lifestyles — things a cynical curmudgeon like Martha despises.

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