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Realm android git I've been responsible for developing and delivering iOS app on my latest job Carbyne911 , successfully completing critical business and technical features, including building SDK with core functionality of the app, while also participating in development of Android app. I have solid computer science foundations and good command of English, love tinkering, know how to conduct a development process on different stages of the project. Building SDK with the core functionality of the app both for internal and 3rd-party usage. emergency report with live video streaming, location sharing and chat. Setting up automatic deployment environment. Research, design and development of Auto-launch feature. start emergency report via app, when users dial 911 or other emergency number by phone, under strict release deadline. Being able to take responsibility for Android development and learn on-the-go, while having no previous background in Java and Android. Looking for technologically complex or challenging project, with warm and friendly working environment.


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Self hosted git Private Repositories JitPack supports building and installing from private Git repositories. Build artifacts are also kept private and you can only download them if you have access to the Git repository itself. You can also share your build artifacts jar, aar publicly while keeping the source code private. For example, you can easily distribute your library to your users without giving them access to code.

Git in Android Studio (basic): Android Programming

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