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Russian empire timeline map His son, Peter the Great 1689-1726 , was determined to modernise i. Europeanise Russia, and set about doing so with enormous energy. In particular, they called into being a loyal and competent administration, and centralised the government. Next map, Russia in 1837 What is happening in Russia in 750CE The Khazars, a semi-nomadic people of the steppes, created a loose confederation of peoples covering a large area of the Ukraine. By the mid-8th century this confederation was at the peak of its power, with the Khazar rulers exercised loose authority over a large though ill-defined area to the north of the Black and Caspian Seas. The comparative stability that their authority imposes allowed trade to flourish, much of it in the hands of Jewish merchants.


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Visit Website Romanov Dynasty 1613. After several years of unrest, famine, civil war and invasions, Mikhail Romanov is coronated as tsar at age 16, ending a long period of instability. The Romanov dynasty will rule Russia for three centuries. Petersburg, modernizing the military and founding the Russian navy and reorganizing the government. With his introduction of Western European culture, Russia becomes a world power.

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The city of Kiev was completely destroyed and all the principalities were incorporated into the Mongol empire, as tribute-paying vassals. Only the Republic of Novgorod was able to resist. Novgorod, with its huge hinterland, has continued to flourish by developing strong trading ties with western Europe. In the second half of the 13th century the Mongol empire divided into several branches, with the Mongols of the western steppes becoming known as the Golden Horde. The khan of the Golden Horde continues as overlord of the Russian princes.

History of Russian Empire (1721-1917)

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