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Scottsdale career life coach Perhaps you struggle being vulnerable with those that matter the most. Or maybe it is difficult for you to emotionally connect with yourself and others? Do you feel stagnant in your career, relationship, or even in life? If you are struggling to find your deeper purpose and to grow personally, relationally, spiritually, and professionally than now is the time to learn the skills that can help you reach your goals. Coaching and Counseling for Men is unique in that it combines both coaching and counseling strategies to help you grow. Through coaching the focus is on identifying your specific growth goals and working towards achieving those goals. Often times what stops men from achieving their goals and reaching the next level are emotional blocks such as fear, insecurity, or a lack of confidence.


Coaches students on developing a plan to achieve their academic and career goals. Provides high-quality student-centered support using text, social media, email, phone and chat of a significant volume in a fast-paced environment. Provides support for student accountability and success. Works to build student knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs that support success.

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