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Send test fax online free FaxZero is the fastest way to send good-quality personal faxes for free, without signing up for anything. Buying Options Buy from FaxZero If you want to send a short document for a personal matter, FaxZero is the simplest, fastest free online service that will send a high-quality fax. FaxZero is the only free service we tested that exactly meets our criteria for ease of use, image quality, and commitment level. When you land at faxzero. You deal with just one page to set up and send a fax with FaxZero. Screenshot. Mark Smirniotis The price is free, though as with every free faxing service, there are some non-monetary caveats.


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By Kay Tan in Internet. Updated on March 10, 2016. Before we had email, we had the fax machine. Despite this its use is deep-rooted in many parts of the world. A lot of businesses still hold on to the fax machine for many of their documentation and office matters.

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Twitter Advertisement Send and receiving fax is old school. Insurance companies, banks, and realtors all use fax machines to quickly and securely exchange important documents.

How To Send a Fax from a Computer

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