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Sensors vs intuitives percentage This can lead to quantum differences in personality, and Intuitives may spend a lifetime feeling like the odd man out. Because Intuitives are the minority, the onus is on them to adjust to the Sensor way of thinking. Here are some points to help you overcome the communication barrier so you can start enjoying a Sensor's company. The Perceiving Function, Distilled In a nutshell, the difference between Sensors and Intuitives is this. Sensors prefer tangible information, whereas Intuitives prefer speculation and depth of insight. So, while a Sensor will perceive data points individually one by one and literally as they are in that moment , an Intuitive will perceive them concurrently all at once and abstractly as they could be in the future. Let's look at an example. Here's how a Sensor might experience a flight. This takeoff is bumpy.


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Shelly Reply ive taken the myer briggs test many times and sometimes my results change. The usual. The 2 of them are stressed out and pissed at me for wanting to plan ahead for a likely event while we are standing in the line at customs.

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While iNtuitives make up only 26. Here are a few reasons why this imbalance occurs. Most of our societal resources are already catered toward sensors. With sensors making up roughly 73. Growing up, sensors are more likely than intuitives to be provided with the tools they need in order to excel.

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