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Southern man lyrics and chords Home Sweet home alabama chords and lyrics by lynyrd skynyrd Original key of the song G major. It reached number 8 on the US chart in 1974 and was the band' s second hit single. Chord progression for the entire song. Play Sweet Home Alabama Chords using simple video lessons. The guitar chords and lyrics here are for Rock Songs by artists not on other pages.


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To celebrate we asked Trevor Leonard to tell us about the song. Here is the story. "Break Away" came about during a writing session in a cabin we rented in the Cherokee National Forest. Lots of great ideas were coming, but some felt too forced and we were searching for something to really inspire us. We wanted to kind of be pushed.

Whiskey Myers - Ballad of a Southern Man

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The festival co-ordinator for the regional council was Clark Flannigan and he had booked us to play in various events and places throughout the weekend. Like most events in the South, there was heavy input both in product and sponsorship from Speights Brewery. Speights was becoming something of an icon throughout Otago but nothing compared to that of the campaign that was about to follow. Brewery reps were never far away from the action and Clark had been entertaining a few of them that weekend. Clark liked the earthy nature of the band and said he had something for us which we might find to our liking.

ballad of a southern man chords

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