St. Vincent Deadpans That Her Romantic Songs Are About John Mayer In A ‘Vogue’ Interview

St vincent john mayer Vincent has become known for her powerful, aggressive guitar style, but did you know she also plays the Theremin? Since 2015, Clark has lent her name amd know-how to a signature model guitar line put out by the folks at Ernie Ball. In 2016, while playing a benefit show for St. In her younger years, she played guitar in a hardcore Dallas band called Skull Fuckers. With a little bit of digging you can find some photos of Clark and the rest of Skull Fuckers playing an acoustic set after destroying their drum kit on tour. Her uncle, Tuck Andress, is a jazz guitar virtuoso, and his finger-style technique helped form the way Clark plays guitar.


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To me that is really depressing. Perfection has nothing to do with making good music. What matters to me is character and things sounding confident and assured.

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Vincent is famous for her aesthetic reinventions. Here we catch Clark between acts, luminous in a Gucci jacket and dress. All afternoon, the musician has been steering us toward this moment, when she can kick off her shoes and kill two birds with one stone. doing an interview and getting a few moments of rest. Like Clark herself—whose slight physique and high-voltage sound make for a compelling contrast—the room at the Marlton is compact and austere, with a spike of flamboyance. a black chandelier with breasts as bulb enclosures. Clark, who at 34 has been performing as St.

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