3 Inspiring TED Talks for Teachers as You Head Back to School

Ted talks relationships in education This one, featuring 40-year long-time educator Rita Pierson, zeroes in on a topic near and dear to my heart and mind. the value and importance of human connection and relationships in education. It is brilliant, simply. When people ask me what makes for a great learning experience, "a positive student relationship with a teacher or other caring adult" is always at the top of my list. When we talk about technology and learning, we know that technology can enhance and yes, even replace some aspects of human "teaching" to allow room and time for the more personal, hands-on, meaningful interactions between students and teachers, advisors, counselors and mentors. Human relationships are the driver for student learning - the intrinsic motivator that students need in an increasingly self-motivated-learning world.


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Some of the best TED talks have been devoted to ensuring that the next generation embraces the values that TED represents. innovation, creativity, and globalization of information. Any educator or even someone simply with an interest in education would be remiss if he or she did not take a look at these inspiring videos. With her personal stories and engaging tone, Pierson stresses the importance of creating genuine relationships with students by connecting with them on an emotional level.

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The Key to Success? Grit — Angela Lee Duckworth April 2013 Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth left a demanding job in consulting to become a seventh grade public school math teacher. What she quickly learned is that IQ was not the only difference between her best and worst students.

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Sir Ken Robinson Ed Schipul, Creative Commons If you're an entrepreneur or an educator, you may want to learn how education and entrepreneurship can and should connect on a global scale. There are various articles and resources that can help you learn about both fields. However, one concrete learning resource that keeps on giving in all areas of education, entrepreneurship, inspiration, and information are TED Talks. TED Talks are a series of short discussions based on a variety of topics, and they attract some of the most innovative, creative, and entertaining minds from across the globe. These short presentations include relevant topics such as business, leadership, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, business strategies, technology, and humanity.