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No Country for Old Men

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I'm happy to know you liked it. Working with Maki was a really pleasant experience and I learned a lot. She is one of the most talented people I have ever met and her musical ear is incredible. When I heard "Delirium", Lacuna Coil's last album, I could not believe how the production was exactly what I had in mind for the new songs I was writing.

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The death of a friend or loved one can be particularly inspiring, with the resulting song serving as both a eulogy for the deceased and therapy for the living. With Memorial Day in the US becoming a time to remember all loved ones who have passed away — not just those who gave their lives in military service — we look at some of the most memorable songs written about the dearly departed. After spending his first day alone with his son, Clapton felt the pride of being a dad. Devastated, Clapton wrote this 1992 song with Will Jennings.

Blood Diamond

Dropkick Murphys - The Departed - Shipping Up To Boston - (With Sync-Editing)

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Она вспомнила ту давнишнюю ночь, когда только одна бодрствовала в Новом Эдеме. Тогда, бросив последний взгляд на свою семью, Николь опустилась в свое ложе, чтобы, уснув на много лет, вернуться в Солнечную систему.