Prayer : Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

Tim keller prayer book His twin brother, Colin, had already mastered the skill and was nearly keeping up with his older brother. You can guess whose. Then suddenly, in early August our little boy outgrew his fears. Nearly instantaneously, the mechanics of balancing, steering, and simultaneously pedaling became almost easy. The fears and tears dissolved, and Andrew forgot that riding a bike had ever been hard.


The Prayer of Prayers 9. As Conversation. Meditating on His Word 11. Awe. Praising His Glory 13. Intimacy. Finding His Grace 14. Struggle. Asking His Help 15.

New City Gathering NYC 2018: The Primacy of Prayer // Tim Keller

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I read on the gospel because I need it to grow me, to humble me, to sanctify me, and to help me remember what God has done in Christ to save me. I read on prayer because my prayer life needs encouragement and guidance to strengthen my desire and skills at communicating with God. Naturally, when I heard one of my favorite authors, Timothy Keller, was coming out with a book on prayer, I was eager to get my hands on a copy and dig in. This coupled with pastoring in Manhattan around the time of the September 11th terrorist attacks forced Keller to his knees and really begin to practice and wrestle with the concept of prayer.

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And he would know, since by my count, Keller has written nine books in the last two and half years. Talk about prolific writing! As he explains in the introduction, his aim is to combine the theological, experiential, and methodological in one book 1.

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