How can you Update a TomTom One XL?

Tomtom one xl gps update Anonymous Jul 21, 2008 Driving through West London just stopped receiving signal. Went through the reset with Tomtom technical help but with no luck - have had to send it off for repair - luckily still under guarantee. Brought It last Week and was working dine.. All working fine then switch it on again and no GPS signal. Tried updating, reset. Turn off, turn on......


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An optional traffic receiver and a widescreen display. Here is what we can tell you about those additional features. We have an entire article where we talk about the good and bad of widescreen GPS models which you can read. That advice applies here as well. The individual elements on the screen are not really bigger, you just get a wider view.

How to perform a factory reset on a device that connects to TomTom HOME

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