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True biblical calendar The weekly cycle restarts with each New Moon. Four complete weeks follow New Moon Day. New Moon Day. The significance of the new moon in Bible times is that it marked the beginning of a new month the Hebrew calendar is lunar-based , and it was a time when the Israelites were to bring an offering to Yahuwah. Which day is the true seventh-day Sabbath of Scripture? The movement of the sun, moon and stars is the only accurate measurement of time. Even with modern atomic clocks, all time is measured by the cycles of the heavenly bodies. Days and years are both measured by the rotation of light as viewed from the earth.


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The Feasts are also agriculture-based. Salvation itself is awarded to those spiritually called firstfruits. They will be resurrected first in a harvest of faithful ones to serve in His coming Kingdom. The importance of firstfruits in the biblical calendar cannot be over-stated.

“Saturday is the Sabbath” is FAKE NEWS!

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The original calendar described in the Torah and used by Moses was based upon the phases of the Moon, not a continuous weekly cycle. This Lunar Calendar was used for all the feast days, including the weekly Sabbath. Since the Biblical calendar is based on the moon, it does not correspond to the days of the modern Gregorian Calendar. For example, the Sabbath is not always on Saturday but could be on Wednesday one month, and Thursday the next. This can have serious economic impacts, as people desiring to follow the Sabbath today according to the Biblical Lunar calendar will find themselves having to ask for days off during the standard Monday-to-Friday work week.

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