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Validation in javascript for registration form Form Validation Base Example Form validation is natively supported by the browser, but sometimes different browsers will handle things in a manner which makes relying on it a bit tricky. Even when validation is supported perfectly, there may be times when custom validations are needed and a more manual, Vue-based solution may be more appropriate. Given a form of three fields, make two required. Beneath that there is a paragraph that shows or hides itself based on an error state. This will render a simple list of errors on top of the form. Also note we fire the validation on submit rather than as every field is modified.


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Understanding Client-Side Validation Web forms have become an essential part of web applications. It is often used to collect user's information such as name, email address, location, age, and so on. But it is quite possible that some user might not enter the data what you've expected. So to save bandwidth and avoid unnecessary strain on your server resources you can validate the form data on client-side i. Client-side validation is also helpful in creating better user experience, since it is faster because validation occurs within the user's web browser, whereas server-side validation occurs on the server, which require user's input to be first submitted and sent to the server before validation occurs, also user has to wait for server response to know what exactly went wrong.

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