‘Van Helsing’ Renewed For Third Season By Syfy

Van helsing cast serie tv Aidan is a 200-year-old Vampire, Josh is the werewolf working as an orderly at the hospital and lastly, Sally is the Ghost that haunts the home they reside in after she was murdered by her former fiancee. The trio helps one another with the trouble that comes with living a double life and the struggle of holding on to their humanity. The series is based off the British BBC series of the same. The show also follows the plot of the original show very closely so fans of the BBC version of the show may be interested in how the Americanised version follows the story. He was given the power of immortality after his mother died giving birth to him after she was attacked by a vampire. Now an adult Blade, him and his human friend Abraham wage a secret war on the vampires. The role of Blade is arguably Wesley Snipes career-defining role with the franchise going on to become a trilogy.


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After spending an entire season hunting down the remaining vampire lords, Vanessa, Scarlett Missy Peregrym , and Axel Jonathan Scare reunited for an encounter with the Fourth Elder. Throughout Van Helsing season 3, the main cast of characters have been scattered, resulting in a number of various storylines that have yet to converge. While the main plot is centered on Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel, other main characters are involved in their own struggles. In Denver, Doc Rukiya Bernard is working on uncovering the secrets of vampire blood, while Flesh Vincent Gale is determined to find his wife in a prison called Loveland, not to mention the Sisterhood launching an attack on the humans.

Dracula's Masquerade Ball - Van Helsing (2004)

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