Purity Ring interview: “This isn’t confession.”

What is a purity ring band Certainly not Megan James and Corin Roddick. The ethereal Canadian pop-trap duo known as Purity Ring has lost its innocence by mining the best selling and most controversial genre of electronic music for maximum theatrical effect. You were both really young when Purity Ring took off three and half years ago—Corin, you were in your late teens and Megan, you were in your early twenties. Have you guys ever had day jobs? If so, when did you quit them to be full-time rock stars?


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Sat at a restaurant table with them, half-eaten desserts before us — a gin and tonic sorbet taunts me — a worrying fault line has appeared. Tired and barely fed after a missed train from Paris, Megan are at loggerheads. Light returns to the room. These are exciting times for fans of cross-pollinated pop weirdness. The surroundings of the restaurant are jarringly normal; it is bright and clean and rumour has it Animal Collective are upstairs with floor to ceiling windows.

Purity Ring - Fuse Interview (Coachella 2013)

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Purity Ring - begin again (HEALTH remix)

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