‘The House’: Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler on Finally Teaming Up, Improv, and More

Will ferrell movies amy poehler Studios in Burbank, Calif. Not only was it a lot of fun to see the wild casino set with all of the slots, tables and tons of neon, but it was very cool to get to watch Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler improvising and changing it up with every single take, as a cheater had to get tossed out. They were interested in doing a movie set in the suburbs, about good people who end up opening the door to the dark side and all of the implications that come with making one crazy decision. Originally, they were going to do something about high school kids that gamble, but then, after Neighbors, it turned into being about a couple trying to protect their kid and get their daughter into college. They hope that this movie is that.


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Pictures, New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures "The House" tells the harrowing tale of one young woman's struggle to attend Bucknell University, despite the criminal behavior of her well-meaning — but truly incompetent, irresponsible and insane — parents. While there's no shortage of comedy talent on screen in "The House," there's a dire lack of actual laughs to be found in this strange shell of a movie. But they can't get a bank loan, and live in a world where financial aid doesn't seem to exist.

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Amy Poehler & Will Ferrell Stop By To Talk About "The House"