Rumour: WWE Diva AJ Lee and CM Punk expecting their first child

Wwe aj lee baby Source. WWE. She turned heel and shed her eccentric nerdy qualities in favor of being crazy. As she explained on an episode of The Dean Obeidallah Show , the WWE had no idea that she was suffering from bipolar disorder when she was assigned her crazy gimmick. My craziest, darkest moments, my brattiest moments, in front of millions of people on live television, I got to let that all out and expose all of that while still keeping my secret. At the time, the Divas division had been in something of a slump for the last couple years. Divas storylines had become largely uneventful from 2009 until 2012-13 in the bigger WWE picture.


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April Mendez Brooks image via ajmendezbrooks. The book is not a tell-all about what goes on backstage at the WWE though there are some interesting tidbits in that realm , but rather an immersive, funny and candid autobiography about AJ's path from a young girl growing up with a family barely making ends meet -- and sometimes failing to making ends meet and being evicted as a result -- to eventually finding fame in what was seen as such an unlikely career. AJ is also very open about the challenges she overcame, as she discusses the slow discovery that she is bipolar and how it affected her along the way, especially before she knew what was causing her to act in the erratic manner she did at times… and how, as the title of the book suggests, she came to see the benefits and positive side of it all. I spoke to AJ about her book, what made her decide to write it — and be so truthful in it — some of her favorite memories from her wrestling days and much more.

AJ Lee Transformation - From 5 To 30 Years Old

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